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Our tailored, comprehensive curriculum will cover diverse business pillars that appeal and matter to the multi-faceted, multi-talented, modern Latina.


Topics to be covered include:

-Leadership & Empowerment

-Business Scaling-up

-Technology & Small Business

-Financial Management

-Strategic Marketing Pillars

-Networking & Community

-Health & Wellness

The class will consist of 30 Latina participants who have been in business for at least two to three years, understand the basics of running a business, and are seeking to scale up.  

Our experienced, bi-lingual instructors will guide them into refining their business pillars towards sustainable growth, which includes moving to a brick-and-mortar location, hiring employees, and obtaining loans. During this series, participants will put together a business plan, will further their understanding of the foundational principles of day-to-day operations, and will be exposed to several subject-matter experts, panels, and unique networking and community building opportunities.


At the end of the course, participants will be provided one-on-one mentorship/coaching to further develop their business plans or to focus on a specific area of their interest.


The program consists of 8 Friday sessions (9:30 am to 1:30 pm) between May and June 2020 (Perth Amboy Area), as well as two masterclasses, in combination with the 50 attendees of the Hispanic Entrepreneurship Training Program (HETP), to be held in February and April 2020 (Jersey City). 

The classes are free to attend.

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